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Eye surgery Laser eye surgery
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Laser eye surgery in Dom Lekarski
Laser eye surgery in Dom Lekarski
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Laser eye treatment (refractive surgery) is a medical procedure which can free you from the inconveniences of prescription glasses and contact lenses. It is a safe surgery already performed on over 25 million patients worldwide.


Laser eye surgery reshapes cornea - the transparent dome-shaped structure in the front of your eye, to correct vision problems (refractive errors), such as:
• myopia – nearsightedness, shortsightedness
• hyperopia – farsightedness, longsightedness
• astigmatism - distorted vision.

Laser eye surgery brings a permanent change that reduces or eliminates your need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

There are several types of refractive surgery, from which LASIK has been the most popular with patients. LASIK has been invented in 1989 and since that time few more advanced and safe techniques has been introduced to patients wanted to get rid of glasses.


Currently our ophthalmologists perform mainly Epi-LASIK. It is a newer laser eye surgery procedure that was developed to solve some of the problems with LASIK. Benefits of Epi-LASIK:
• Preserves the Structural Integrity of the Cornea
• Especially Suitable for Patients with Active Lifestyles or Occupations
• Better for Patients with Thin Corneas
• Less Likely to Induce or Worsen Dry Eye
• Potentially Better Visual Outcomes

Brochure on Epi-LASIK


In 2012 Orca Surgical introduced a new device, the Epi Clear™ dynamic epikeratome, which enables surgeons to perform flapless epithelium surface removal by gently sweeping the epithelial surface. It results in even more precise and safe laser eye surgery. EBK procedure benefits a shorter recovery time and what is more important the recovery completely painless for patients, because the eye tissue is left smooth, with no scars. It is a perfect option for patients from abroad.

Brochure on EBK

Watch the film on EBK procedure:



MEL 80
 MEL 80

The successful correction of refractive errors depends also on the laser. In Dom Lekarski all laser eye procedures are performed using MEL 80 Excimer Laser by Carl Zeiss, approved by FDA. This is one of the most sophisticated refractive lasers currently available for performing laser eye surgery.

The preoperative examination

Laser eye surgery is a safe medical procedure for most people with myopia's, hyperopia's and astigmatism's problems but it is not for everybody. In order to qualify for procedure each patient must undergo thorough examination, including corneal topography (videokeratography), in Dom Lekarski Medical Center.

If you want to know if you are suitable for laser eye surgery before you come, please mail us: ekoscielniak@domlekarski.pl and answer the following questions:
1. How old are you?
2. Are you currently breastfeeding or pregnant?
3. Do you have any of the following conditions: diabetes, autoimmune disease (for example, AIDS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or myasthenia gravis), immunocompromised for any reason, collagen vascular disease?
4. Are you currently taking medications, such as steroids or immunosuppressants, which can slow or prevent healing?
5. Do you have any of the following conditions: keratoconus or other corneal thinning disorder, corneal scarring, glaucoma, cataracts, ocular herpes diagnosed in past year, retinal disease, dry eye.
6. What refractive error do you have:
- Nearsightedness (myopia) - you have trouble seeing distance
- Farsightedness (hyperopia) - you have trouble seeing up close
- Astigmatism?
7. Has your vision correction (your glasses or contact lens prescription) changed over the past year?

Eye examinations
 Eye examinations

The more details you provide, the more you can be sure that your trip to another country to undergo laser eye surgery will be successful.

Please remember that if you wear soft eye contacts, you have to take them off at least a week before the preoperative examination and surgery, but if the eye contacts are hard or semi-hard the required period is about 2 - 3 weeks.

Laser eye surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you don't have to stay at the ward overnight.


Contact us for further information or make an appointment.

Read our patients' stories and testimonials about their experience.

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